Lessons & Prices



First, we must assess what your goals are and what you want to achieve from drum tuition. This session is free and will take up to an hour while we run through some musical styles, some playing and conversations about where you are and where you want to be. It is important for me to understand what level you are at and how best to continue in your journey of technical development.

30 Mins


A 30 minute session is ideal for brushing up on techniques and grooves. This option suits some customers due to time / budget constraints, Or you may just want help with a specific song or beat that wont take an hour to wrap your head around.

1 hour


This is the recommended length of time for a proper drum lesson. This allows enough time to properly warm up and dedicate time to really nailing new styles & techniques. My lessons will be tailored to the individual and most of them planned for an hour. I spend as much time planning my lessons as I do conducting them, so they all have a structure and pace that is specifically designed for an hour.